We are doing our part. It's not enough but it's something. We think it's a win win! You get delicious cookies and the people of Flint get our support.

Me (Robyn) and The Thumbs Team have decided to dedicate our new flavor, peanut butter sea salt chocolate chip, to Flint Michigan and its right to clean drinking water. We will be selling jars of FLINT Thumbs for $20, of which 100% of proceeds will be donated to to assist in the purchasing of water filters, bottled water, emergency support services and prevention efforts.

As you may know, Flint Michigan has endured a lot in the last few decades, but being lied to about the quality of their drinking water has been one of the most devastating occurrences. For the past two years, the citizens of Flint have been cheated out of a clean drinking supply when the state changed their water source from Lake Huron to The Flint River (highly corrosive) during state budget cuts. While neglecting to put an anti corrosive in the water to make it safe for drinking (breaking federal law), the water supply began to erode the water mains and pipes. Lead began leeching into the water as a result of not being properly detoxified and even though the water supply has been changed back to Lake Huron, the pipes are poisonous to the water supply.


The idea for the THUMBS FOR FLINT came out of a joking conversation about Bernie and Hilary after the debates and their discussion on Flint. I said, "wouldn't it be great if Hillary and Bernie each made a batch of Thumbs and we auctioned them off. All the money raised could go to buy bottled water for the people of Flint". Then we realized it might be a bit challenging to get Bernie and Hillary In the kitchen to make some Thumbs, so this became the next best thing we could think of. However, we will put it out there.

Dear Bernie and Hillary, make some Thumbs so we can auction them off and donate the proceeds to the effort of getting new pipes for the people of Flint.

It has been said that cities such as Flint have been forgotten. With high crime rates and poverty, they are a city that has been continually overlooked. We just sell cookies. But we thought we could still shine a light on Flint.

Check back here soon to see how much we've raised for Flint!


Robyn and the Thumbs Team