All of these testimonials are from our Etsy page.

From organicactor:

5/5 stars
¨We bought these vegan and still the cookies had such a wonderful (and vegan friendly!) butter taste...such a delightful treat for a vegan dessert! The fun red and pink colors of the frosting only made these little treats even more delightful. The box was eaten all too quickly, but these were enjoyed so very much! Would buy again, delightful shop to order from and very high quality product!¨

From Alison Besikof:

5/5 stars
¨I sent these cookies to a few wonderful clients and each one told me that they were amazing, adorable and all around perfect. They all thought it was the best gift and all told me that they downed the entire jar in a matter of moments because they were so delicious they couldn't stop! I am so happy I chose to send these to my clients- you made me look good!¨ 


From Sarah Bedi:

5/5 stars
¨I got these as a gift and she loved them!! Said they were the best gluten free cookies she has ever had!¨ 


From Laura Kunz:

5/5 stars
¨I'm not a regular giver of feedback, but these cookies got soooo many raves at my sister's baby shower, I had to leave a note! I only got to eat two myself because they went so fast, but those two were absolutely DELICIOUS! Great customer service as well! WIll definitely be ordering again...and again.¨


From Katie Rose Crosswhite:

5/5 stars
¨Robyn is an absolute lifesaver! I needed a ton of delicious, handmade, and party-friendly treats for an event I was hosting and she swooped in to save the day. Those thumbs cookies are probably the cutest thing you'll ever see, and she is a dream to work with. Professional and kind, prompt and organized! I would [recommend] ordering Thumbs cookies for any shower, party, gift, or blow-out where dainty and delicious are the name of the game. I was pleased to see that shes increased her stable of flavors and that I could find something for even my most picky of eaters. Please support Robyn! You will not be disappointed.¨


From sasetar:

5/5 stars
¨These were an amazing gift for a friend.. Very fast shipping and excellent communication will definitely be ordering again. Thank u!!¨


From Cindy Williams:

5/5 stars
¨These thumb cookies were unique and a big hit as a recent birthday gift! Delicious and exceeded expectations. Packaged delightfully and shipped as requested. Owner is very responsive to your request...thank you!!!¨


From moshie15:

5/5 stars
¨This was THE perfect gift to send to my friend that has everything! They arrived earlier than noted so I was able to share in the deliciousness. They were mouth-watering, exquisite, and pure yumminess.

She was impressed she was eating something that was given at the 57th Grammy's.

I would definitely recommend to anyone (especially those hard to shop for friends) and will definitely send again!

Thanks Thumbs Cookies!!!¨ 


From Mona Panelo:

5/5 stars
¨LOVE Thumb Cookies!!! Ordered an assortment for shower favors and they could 't have been more perfect! Robyn is an absolute joy to work with. She takes very good care in making these wonderful cookies, and takes very special care of her customers. Thank you, Robyn!¨


From gjasadler2010:

5/5 stars
¨Absolutely DELICIOUS and ever so cute! Wonderful packaging as well.....Thanks¨


From Sandra Marrinson:

5/5 stars
¨These cookies are delicious, and just the right size when you want a little something that is sweet. We really enjoyed them!¨

From Rebecca Lewandowski:

5/5 stars
¨I love these cookies! I have gifted them several times as a special, unique way to say thank you to clients and friends. They are the perfect size to enjoy a few with coffee or hot chocolate. They look adorable in a jar or sleeve. Oh, and they are delicious! As a cooking instructor, I am a *wee* bit picky about such things! Love these cookies.¨